Gibiate Anime Review
Published Wed Aug 12 2020•10:00 EDT
Episode Count: 12
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Martial Arts, Samurai
Airing Date: July 15, 2020 – present (A special PR program aired on July 8th)
Director: Masahiko KominoAuthor: Ryō Aoki
Studio: Lunch Box, Studio Elle

Gibiate is one of the new arrivals of Summer 2020, with a post-apocalyptic background set in the year 2030, humans are forced to fight monsters called ‘Gibia’ for survival.


‘Gibia’, are human-turned-monsters, formed when humans are infected with the Gibia-virus via the sting of the Gibia. The infected human hears the sound of continuous dripping water, and the intervals between them lessen as they reach the stage of turning into one. There’s also a chance of not turning into a Gibia even if stung, as the venom can’t be released in the next 24-hour interval of stinging another human.


Till now, we’ve got humans from 2020 – special mentions would include the MC, the doctor and the gunmen, a samurai, and a shinobi from the Edo period and a monk from Honganji who fought against Oda Nobunaga.


Right from the first episode, the fight scenes were plenty.

Various kinds of weapons are used by people of different backgrounds and different specialties, to fight against the mindless monsters ‘Gibia’.

If you like to see Samurai fighting monsters, it might suit your taste!


To be honest, I’m stuck as to where I should begin. Let me recount a few details:

  • No one’s surprised, apart from one random guy, that two people have supposedly time-travelled to 2030 from the Edo-period.
  • A defenseless uncle leaves his only-way-of-getting-to-safety- his vehicle, to go retrieve a sword from his home instead of going there via it.
  • It is said that it takes some time to turn into Gibia, but all the mob characters are shown turning into Gibia as soon as they’re attacked at their base.
  • When moving in a group, instead of guarding the front and the rear, the strongest duo are following one another. What did you learn in all those days of training? This is what even animals in a pack know how to do!
  • They even asked a random stranger who they thought was ‘normal’ to pull the Helicopter by a string, are you kidding me? You want him to fall to his death or what?
  • During a fight scene, Sensui was holding onto a string while Kenroku jumped, then Sensui is also shown to jump and is caught by Kenroku who’s still hanging onto the string, and the string is attached to the helicopter somehow but they forgot to show how exactly that’s happening!

In simple words, the only consistent thing they have is their inconsistency and plot-holes, it’ll sneak up on you when you least expect it.


The animation uses both regular animation for humans, and CGI-based animation for the monsters called ‘Gibia’. Personally, I think the animation may be one of its few positive factors.


The opening has no lyrics, which is a bit disappointing. Yet, it lacks the flair which is provided by the opening of ‘The God of the High School’ even with minimal lyrics.


Personally, I’d rate the anime 5/10.

Storyline: 5/10 (rated a bit higher, just for the idea of incorporating Heroes of the past)

Characters: 6/10

Character development: 4/10

Music: 4/10

Animation: 6/10

Plot-holes and inconsistency: 8/10

Final Thoughts:

Sincerely, if you wanna watch an Anime where you want plenty of fights with various kinds of weapon with the risk of humans themselves turning into monsters, ‘The High-School of the Dead’ is a much better pick, unless you don’t care about the story and just want to see humans fighting monsters!

Pic credit: Gibiate