Lazy Day, one of the most anticipated days of August
Published Wed Aug 12 2020•6:32 EDT
Key Points
  • It is internationally observed on August 10.
  • Lazy day is about being lazy; the less you do, the better.
  • Sometimes one should take a break to recover from stress and overwork.
  • The benefits of being lazy includes:
    • getting more sleep,
    • avoiding health risks,
    • being more efficient.
  • To observe lazy day, one can try:
    • not-lifting-a-finger to do anything,
    • binging your favorite shows or novels,
    • having instant food.

Lazy Day is one of the most anticipated days of August, a month that already has a plethora of different kinds of official and unofficial days.

At this point you might have several questions regarding this #NationalLazyDay you’ve been reading everywhere, here are some answers that might satisfy your curiosity.

When is Lazy Day?

Of course you can be lazy any day you want to be, however, worldwide ‘Lazy Day’ is observed on August 10.

What is this Lazy Day?

It’s the day to recharge yourself by letting yourself take some time off. Just as the name suggests, be lazy! Conserve your energy at every chance you get!

The origin of this day has some ambiguity regarding it, some believe it may have originated from the ‘World Day of Laziness’ that was launched on August 11, 1984.

Why celebrate Lazy Day?

In this age of fast-paced life, taking some time off for self-care is important, and being lazy is one way to do it.

Sit back, relax, and give your mind and body the space to heal. While being lazy isn’t always encouraged, it is equally important to take some time off to avoid burning-out due to stress and overwork.

Benefits of being lazy (personal opinion):

  • Health and psychological benefits:
    • You can finally ditch that alarm that goes off every morning, and get your well deserved sleep.
    • Getting enough sleep, in turn reduces the risk of depression, anxiety and heart disorders.
    • Getting a good laugh while watching a movie is kind of a cardiovascular exercise.
    • Watching a 90 minute horror movie burns 110+ calories.
  • Increase in efficiency:
    • Being lazy, means you’d want to avoid wasting time on re-doing something because it wasn’t good enough before. 
    • You’d try to be creative with your approach if it means you have to spend less time completing it.
    • You’d reduce the risk of ‘burning-out’ by being lazy once-in-a-while.
  • Instead of ‘burning the midnight oil’, you can finally give your mind and body its well-deserved rest.

How to observe Lazy Day?

Simple guide for ‘how to be lazy during this COVID-19 lockdown’.

  • If you want to exercise – try doing the ‘corpse pose’ for the whole day.
  • If you want to be productive – try meditating the entire time.
  • If you want to spend time on your hobbies, try –
    • binging your favorite TV show or Anime.
    • reading a novel, or a web novel, which is readily available at for free.
  • If you want to make yourself some delicious food – try going for some instant noodles or sandwiches.

Today is the day you can be lazy to your heart’s content without feeling guilty about it. So what are you waiting for? Change into your comfy pajamas, grab the bag of chips and live the life of a NEET for a day!